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I work as a specialist Head hunter in the Middle East, my main area of expertise is within the Supply Chain and Logistics Sector sourcing mid to senior level management for key strategic roles..

Since the start of the economic downturn I have seen some interesting changes to the way the end employers are handling the process when recruiting senior executives.

Many companies have taken the opportunity to restructure and streamline their management teams cutting out the dead wood (so to speak) and with such tremendous growth in the Middle East in the past few years companies were crying out for Managers to run their ever increasing number of new business units, this has led to a few people being able to get themselves into positions way above their level of skills and experience and has made it ever more important to screen applicants as thoroughly as possible because they may have held a similar level of job in the past to the position they are now being considered for but as  employers you need to establish whether or not they were really cut out to do their current/previous job in the first place.

The best way to achieve this is via thorough reference checking, competency based interviewing and also where appropriate talking to your business contacts in the sector.

Employers know there is now a much greater pool of available candidates in the market who are actively seeking jobs so initially when the poor economic conditions began to take a hold they were trying to avoid working with Headhunting firms and Recruitment Consultancies in an effort to reduce costs by managing the complete process themselves.

On the face of it this approach makes sense in the current climate as reducing recruitment costs has become much more of a priority to companies than ever before, but there is a downside to this. With such a vast number of candidates on the market the number of people applying to job adverts has greatly increased and many people are applying for positions way outside of their area of specialism, because of this the initial sift of applicants is taking much longer than it did previously which is tying up the in house HR and Recruitment teams who are now having to spend more time purely scan reading and screening vast numbers of CVs where they could be using this time to carry out more in-depth interviews and properly qualify suitably experienced potential candidates.

Companies have began to realise this is not necessarily the best approach and so many have returned to using agencies once more. There are a few different ways that companies tend to work with Recruiters each with its own advantages and disadvantages, I have listed some of the most common below along with a few pro’s and con’s for each. I hope this will prove useful in helping you decide which approach could work best for your business.

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Engaging a specialist Head hunter to carry out a search exclusively on a retained fee basis Usually an initial payment is made to retain the Head hunters services then a portion of the fee is due on presentation of accepted shortlist (usually at the point that interviews are confirmed) final payment is normally due on acceptance of the job offer by the candidate